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By its very nature, Medicare is a sitting duck for fraudulent activity. Why? Because the government pays on an honor system, requiring only electronic submission to claim for services or goods provided by a health care provider. This simple procedure was designed into the system to speed payments to doctors who would treat the poor and needy when the program rolled out in 1965. However, it wasnít long before criminal minds discovered the bonanza this lack of oversight afforded them. No built-in checks and balances or due diligence exists to protect the Medicare giant from the onslaught of devious and criminal elements ever seeking new ways to rob from the Medicare giantís piggybank. It is only when the fraud is large or blatant enough that the government and Medicare will try to recover their funds. Visit the Medicare Fraud Reporting Center for more information.

Recent reports link taking Pradaxa to serious side effects that include internal bleeding. According to recent disclosures by Boehringer, the maker of Pradaxa, several hundred patients have already died due to internal bleeding side effects while taking Pradaxa. As a result, several Pradaxa Internal Bleeding Side Effects Lawsuits have been filed that seek to get compensation for victims of Pradaxa side effects.

Federal antitrust laws were first passed more than 100 years ago to protect consumers from unfair business practices that can drive out competitors and push up prices. Congress has passed three major acts dealing with competition, pricing and monopolies, and has regularly added amendments to strengthen the provisions and reflect the changing times. Enforcement of these laws protects the public from overspending, encourages choice within the market and protects businesses from competitors who seek to gain an unfair advantage. Visit the Antitrust Law Center for more information.

Over three dozen former players joined a lawsuit against the NFL which was filed in a Miami court. The suit filed in Miami is yet another one against the NFL and is among the more than a dozen lawsuits filed in different Districts. The lawsuits claim that the National Football League has been ignoring evidence which suggests that repeated head injuries could cause long-term medical issues. The health problems include depression, migraine headaches, and memory loss. Please visit the NFL Head Injury Claims Center for more information.

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August 2005

Wayans brothers sued over screenplay. The lawsuit alleges that the "White Chicks," movie is substantially similar to a screenplay submitted to Wayans Brothers Entertainment agent. More >>>>

100 Million Dollar Software Lawsuit Against Fidelity on behalf of Small Software Developer. Confidential Settlement. More >>>>

Federal Court Claims of copyright infringement against a nationwide construction company/ Parts supplier for posting an authors work on their web site. Settled.

Representation of Author of 'Taken' against Steven Spielberg.

Lawsuit Against America's Funniest Videos for Unauthorized Broadcast of business man. Confidential Settlement.

Former bodyguard of Madonna in a multi-million dollar defamation suit against Andrew Morton, Newscorp, Inc. and St. Martin's Press. On Appeal. Read More >>>

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